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Listen to the latest Podcast…Renault Roswell Incident where there are close encounters of the Hammer Horror actress kind, the Ford Orion is booted, the lads pick cars for Santa and suggest some of their books as presents before attending Hi Kennys Classic Car beauty contest in his back garden, plus there are ‘Happy' looking classics and useful extras...yes it is more high quality nonsense from your favourite podders..https://www.bangersandclassics.com

Our Friend Scalextric where the chaps spot old cars, plays with slot cars, bump into Jack Brabham, rename Classic.Retro.Modern. Banger. Magazine. shop for £10K classics and ponder posh 1970s model designations going beyond the Ghia... 

Lancia HPE Sauce where the old boys are having some personal trouble with their old sheds, there’s a huge shout out for the upcoming HiKenny’s Top 10 Classics of the year (@HiKennys on Twitter) go on about he old Vauchall Chevette, send Christmas present hints and even go shopping for Classic Cars again and find some nailed on rarities... yes it is more high quality nonsense from your favourite podders..https://www.bangersandclassics.com

Back from Transylvania the lads are back to their bad old ways by spotting MGBs, confuse the new Range Rover with a Dishwasher, solve the EV silence problem, get lost in film via Dracula AD ’72, on screen bloopers, School for Scoundrels, consider the MGF and TF before choosing their very own cop car from the ‘ 70s 

Bonus Halloween Special Update… Transeurope XJS Express where the lads, well the surviving one, tells you what has been occuring over in Eastern Europe and even The Count has a voicemail message for them. Yes it’s more terrifying nonsense from the most fearless podsters on the planet… https://www.bangersandclassics.com

Bonus Halloween Special... a.k.a. Helloween Hunter GLS which should not be listened to on your own, or in the dark, where the lads make it to Transylvannia where they end up at a creepy castle and tell the resident Count all about the classics they have seen on the journey, Frankenstein cars, motors in horror films, find a black classic in the classifieds with room for at least one lying down in the back…but will they survive? It is touch and go as to whether they actually leave the castle in one piece. Terrifying nonsense from the most fearless podsters on the planet… https://www.bangersandclassics.com

Listen to the latest Podcast…Renault Espace Race involving deleted GB stickers, THE French people carrier, speaking European with Metros, Sambas and Unos, a dive into classified ad coupes, before chat about bad model names, trikes and out of fashion body styles before a detailed sitrep on the whole Road Trip to Transylvania... yes it is more high quality nonsense from your favourite podders..https://www.bangersandclassics.com

Trans Europe XJS Express where there are Breadvans, Woke Mokes, Windy Sciroccos, Cheapo Eurboxes and the Chaps even go shopping for £500 Cheapos in the classifieds, deal with the snobs and make unfeasible car test proposals..

Hazell’s Triumph Stag Party where the chaps plug their daft books which they haven’t written yet, consider the Triumph Snag, predict what boy racers will be wrecking in a decade’s, take time to consider their driving attire, buy a four wheel drive out of the classifieds and travel by Motorail

Dial M for Austin Maxi where your favourite Podcast tribute act fall out over the Jaguar XJS, dip into period radios, consider vehicle interiors, are let loose on the classified ads with predictable results before spending someone elses money on a Group B rally car or two

Shopping for Marinas and Dollys where their Lordships pay tribute to Jimmy Greaves and Sir Claive Sinclair, get historical with Sir Donald Campbell’s Bluebird story, attempt to buy one of British Leyland’s finest then touch on tacky TV adverts and the one gadget from the ‘80s they could not do without

Simcalifragilisticexpialidocious  where you won't go for cooking tips, but listen to the chaps pretending that they could have been car bosses in the ‘70s, debate roofs, their favourite ‘ 80s accessory, find a French barge and then it becomes rather smelly when the chat turns to feet. 

Spoilt by an Austin Ambassador where the chaps delve into write offs, fancy a Princess, pledge allegiance to the Ambassador, indulge in plenty of American muscle before wonderling whatever happened to Nicole out of the Clio adverts...

Makepeace and Tosspot’s XR3i where there are lots of Es, principally E10 petrol again and EV claining tips, plus spotting an Lotus Esprit, the Chrysler PT Cruiser is considered along with future classics, some big garage bills and the boys pretend that they are TV detectives...

My Unimog is full of Eels still featuring special guests Martin Freeman and Duncan Bannatyne, where David, sorry Duncan still gives marriage guidance advice, the boys track down some Unimogs, there is Suzuki Jimny chat, an appreciation of the lesser spotted Vauxhall Cavalier and the drumming style of the late great Charlie Watts...

Sanctified and Ancient Old Maestro featuring special guests Martin Freeman and Duncan Bannatyne, where David, sorry Duncan gives marriage guidance advice, the boys track down some ‘80s Hot Hatches, there is Austin Maestro chat, the best film cars known to humanity, the best racing drivers of all time, before the KLF in their cop car, chase them out of the building...Y

Lada Di Dah where a Unimog is spotted, the Volvo 440 is appraised, the lid is lifted on Crayford’s conversions and whether retro remakes are a good or bad things. 

New (Harvest) Gold Dream where the chaps attempt to drive to music, David is finally afloat, James has a thing about Katherine Ross, there is full on Pug 405 chat, an appreciation of Yank Tank Station Wagons and models that were sold elsewhere with different badges, then diving down under to consider the Leyand P76 before collecting their P45s. 

Cappuccino + Chips which features the thrilling live draw for the Bangers and Classics Nations Cup Draw, meanwhile David spots Lotuses, James loses a Baby Shark, the Z3 is up for debate, James Bond’s cars are considered, small cool roadsters from Suzuki + Smart and there are bold claims that this is actually a Pirate Podcast… Yes it’s the usual high quality nonsense from your favourite Podders https://wwwbangersandclassics.com

Feet of Clay Regazzoni where listeners get the opportunity to enter yet another spectacular competition the Euro Nations Classic Car Cup. There is some Dolomite action and the lads get teary eyed about old school Formula 1 before comparing and contrasting a GTi and GT Turbo. Listen out for the guest appearance by a friendly Collie… it’s is the usual high quality nonsense from your favourite Podders.

Monte Carlo or Bust where after a respectful appreciation of Carlos Reutemann talk turns to James’ mate who’s bought a Bentley Continental, whilst David wants to buy a rare Lotus. There are a brace of Lancia Betas, a royal Escort Ghia and then it all goes pedal power with the mighty Chopper and marginal Sinclair C5....

Boys from the Two Lane Blacktop where David takes his test in a Vauxhall Nova and James reveals the boring list of Classics he’s spotted before the chaps warn about the impending E10 petrolpocolypse, then go and see a film that isn’t Fast or Furious just Californian, then cross back of the pond to visit Slough and musing on the safety or otherwise of Bangers and Classics

Cheesman: We have a Probe-lem… Where the lads spot Lotuses and Series 3s, the 911 Owner’s Club make a phone call, there is much probing of the Ford Probe, poverty spec models and an appreciation of the GTV and FTO. Finally the Fiat Barchetta pitches up against the Mazda MX-5. It’s a product heavy episode from James and David, yes...

...it's is the usual high quality nonsense from your favourite Podders.

Sergeant Pepper’s Lovely Astra Max Van where the lads spot rarities from Jensen, beauties by Jaguar and an old Citroen van. Otherwise it is the battle of the ‘70s Turbos, consider the classicality of the Porsche 924, whilst David joins The Beatles then looks around their garage and James convincies himself that the lady out of the Renault 25 TV ad would actually fancy him... 

Eric and Ernie’s Garage where you can decide just who James and David really are whilst they find a Reliant Graveyard, a Pug 309, upset Austin Metro owners and go in search of a big old Yank Tank...

Treasures of the Sierra Madre where Ruppert turns the talk to Light Commercial Vehicles whilst Milloy’s obsession remains an old SEAT advert. There is dodgy software, old German and French coupes and the lads launch an airline before a Jelly Mould gets a good kicking. Also contains Lesser Spotted Classics 21 Great Cars you (probably) won’t see on the Road by Mr. David Milloy is also officially launched…in the Sierra Madre Hotel, Scunthorpe. It is the usual high quality nonsense from your favourite Podders.

Bridgehead Revisited where there are technical issues, Lucozade, Arthur C. Clarke and some watches. James goes on about ‘80s BMWs again and David quite rightly plugs his brilliant new book '21 Great Cars you (probably) won’t see on the Road'. Both of them say things they might regret about Alfa Romeos.

It is the usual high quality nonsense from your favourite Podders.

Ryton, we have a Problem… Where James and David discuss the Chrysler Alpine, get fixated on spare wheels and barns again, remember cars they failed to buy (contains Bristols and Pugs) and ponder the in car etiquette implications of  waving at other Banger and Classic car owners. It is the usual high quality nonsense from your favourite Podders.

Breakfast at Epiphanes is the scary 13th show which is also unlucky for some, where James and David tell you what to wear whilst driving, what’s better, original or restored, go into the Barn Find business, decide whether one of those new fangled MINIs is a classic and manage to involve yet another Hollywood Legend into their stream of automotive madness.

Double O Seven Series in which you might be forgiven for thinking it’s Crackerjack! (Crackerjack!). There is more MGB chatter, Snake Plisken turns up, David looks for a new Podcast partner when James admits to swapping out a Lotus Esprit for a limo, before the lads declare war and seek to establish a rogue junta with their imaginary collection of military vehicles.

The Ballad(e) of the Rover 213 Where James stalks a poor woman at a petrol station in a classic before evaluating MGBs with David, take a diversion to Yank Tanks, lament the demise of ‘70s Mustangs before hopping onto Hovercrafts, Rotaries and even flying cars. Meanwhile a traumatised David has never fully recovered from running a Rover 213.

Whatever happened to Eddie Riff? Where James has a breakdown and David slightly mentions his new book. There is talk about long deceased and recently terminated car mags. The gentlemen adjudicate on whether a Triumph TR7 is a Banger or Classic before James bores everyone to tears by reading out a long list Vauxhall Nova special editions, before David saves the day with some sensible limited production run suggestions. Ten Pods so far, will there be any more?

The Long Good Robin Friday which is oddly topical as it features footballers and their cars, but back in the days when they drove the same ones as your mum and dad. There is a diversion into motor racing films which can be terrible and also cheap Banger convertibles for summer which can not only be terrible but also leaky. Finally James and David bring it all back to cars and football by definitively debating whether the Italia ’90 special edition Fiat Panda is a Banger or a Classic.

The Lee Marvin Roofrack Experience where James issues a public service announcement about carrying unaccompanied rodents in your Banger. David goes car spotting, talk briefly turns to Bodie and Doyle before the boys consider starting the Bangers and Classics Car Hire business with some unique add ons. Finally David tries to get James a free loan car, but he’s terribly uncooperative and ungrateful. Yet another podcast that descends into anarchy.

Do Androids Dream of Electricity Cars? This is the one where James and David deny the inevitability of electricity as credible propulsion by driving a modern one and probably will never be invited to try one again. The lads are agog at the prices achieved by Classic Cars at the moment, then compare and contrast good and bad Classics This episodes involves guest appearances from a Bond Bug, 5GT Turbo, Bricklin SV-1 and some Beetles.

On Her Majesty’s Stationary Service, or is it Office? Where David and James watch some top quality early ‘90s Telly:  Tales of Modern Motoring, make some suggestions about buying a Classic Car, then cover the shocking dissapearance of ’90s motors, before suggesting how Classic Car Shows could be a lot better and give a shout out to Car Show stalwart Kenny.

An Innocenti Man…where James admits to not being a Land Rover anorak and David claims to have been a model for a clothing line. Both of them can be considered beautiful flops like most Lancias and Renault Avantime. Talk turns to milk floats and one of them turns out to actually be an Innocenti Man. 

Hillman Avengers Assemble…where James and David talk wheels, are attacked by jet aircraft, ponder convertibles for spring, underated classics and the cars (& Ladies) of the SHADO organisation from the UFO TV Series. 

’Sweet Home Alcantara…’ Where David and James discuss car names, old brilliant car adverts and suggest just what supercar their own comic book creations would drive.


Listen to the ‘That ‘70s Show…’ 

Contains large quantities of rust…

Listen to the first Podcast 'The Hardline According to…' The first episode where James Ruppert and David Milloy explain what a Banger is and isn't, touches on the hideous scrappage scheme, remembers the suitcase test and compares old fashioned buttons with new fangled screens.

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